Description and Etiology

Laryngitis is an inflammatory condition of the outer layers of the vocal fold tissue.  It can be due to a reactionary response to a viral and/or bacterial infection, which traumatic behaviors can exacerbate.  It can also be due to autoimmune diseases.

  • Perceptual Signs and Symptoms

o      Generally produces hoarseness

o      Mild Laryngitis

§       Sore throat, cough and possible fever

o      Severe Laryngitis

§       Caused by continued voice use during the bout of laryngitis

  • Features of Visual Assessment

o      Generalized swelling

o      Reduced or absent vibratory characteristics of the vocal folds

o      The larynx and vocal folds often look red and irritated

  • Management

o      Often resolves with rest and hydration

o      Antibiotics

o      Necessary to pinpoint the cause of the inflammation

o      Remove the causative irritant or pathogen

o      Vocal hygiene